Meet Wakit Grinders

The rechargeable electric herb grinder with patented ball & chain technology that grinds your herb with just a few taps in less than 5 seconds

Simply place Wakit Grinders over your herb and tap the pressure cap down once or twice, as soon as the grinder stops, lift and experience the perfect grind every time without wasting your herb or kief.  For those who enjoy a finer grind, simply tap Wakit once again.  You control your herbs' texture!


Wakit Grinders Features

  • Revolutionary Patented Technology

    Wakit Grinders' technology is a revolutionary way of grinding herb.  A ball & chain patent design, in an aluminum chassis, is controlled by a circuit board  to effortlessly spin while cutting through herb and trimming thick stems away from the flower.  While grinding, Wakit preserves more of your expensive herb and its medicinal properties without waste of kief. 

  • Ease of Use

    Wakit Grinder is easy to use for both medical & recreational users and there is no assembly needed!  Simply place Wakit over herb and activate by tapping down pressure cap once or twice.  It is the perfect grinder for people with dexterity challenges or health conditions that affect hand coordination, as Wakit eliminates the stress and frustration encountered with hand-held grinders. 

  • Consistency

    Wakit Grinders gives you a superior grinding experience with texture and consistency no matter if herb is gooey & sticky, dry, or full of stems as you are in control of your grind!  If you prefer a coarse texture tap down once or twice, for a finer texture simply tap Wakit again! You control texture based on preference for the ultimate smoking, vaping, or bong experience! 

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