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Motor Powered Ball & Chain Technology

Wakit's Features

Ball & Chain Tech

Wakit Grinders' ball & chain activates by simply tapping down the pressure cap. Its ball & chain technology effortlessly spins grinding herb to the desired texture while leaving thick stems intact. 

Ease of Use

Wakit Grinder is easy to use for medical & rec users! SImply place over 2g-3g of herb and tap the pressure cap once or twice.  Like a finer texture? Just tap once again!  Wakit Grinders is perfect for people with conditions affecting dexterity.

Superior Grinding

Experience a superior grinding experience with Wakit no matter if herb is sticky, moist, dry, or contains thick stems.  For a coarse texture tap once or twice.  Like a finer grind? Just tap once again! A perfect grind every time in less than 5 secs!

Wakit Grinders live review by Josh Kesselman

Motorized Ball & Chain Technology

The #1 Electric Herb Ginder

Wakit Grinders is an innovative electric herb grinder that uses a patented ball & chain to grind your herb. Place Wakit Grinders on top of herb and obtain a coarse texture with just one to two taps. Like a finer texture, tap it again!

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