5 Tips for Choosing the Right Tool for you

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So, it’s finally time to decide on your first smoking tool purchase.

If you’re new to smoking then it’s going to come down to comparison. Do you get that cheap water pipe? A new hand piece? Just go old-school and grab some papers?

Each method has advantages and disadvantages.

So, if you’re looking for the facts behind the pipe vs. rolling mistake you’re in the right place. Read on and we’ll break it down for you, piece by piece.

Papers: The Old Standard

Roll your owns have been popular since time immemorial. For many people who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, they’re still the standard by which other methods of smoking are judged.

They also have some pretty stiff disadvantages when compared to pipes and bongs.

Pre-rolls use a lot of herb, for starters. Often more than is really needed for the desired effect considering the rising strength of bud in recent decades.

They also burn the whole time after being lit which means you’ll be losing your product in a sides tream whenever you’re not actively hitting it. Add in the fact that you have to develop some skill to produce an even burning roll and it’s a lot of effort.

As far as their advantages?

You can ditch the roach when you’re done. In some less progressive states, the penalties for carrying a pipe or a bit of herb can be pretty stiff and you can avoid the problem entirely.

They’re also great for taking to events. Slip one or two in your pocket and you’re set without needing a separate container for bud.

Lastly, they’re probably the most social form of smoking. Pre-rolls are usually passed between people rather than simply smoked by one person and they lend themselves well to a circle.

The nice thing is that rolling papers can be found cheap just about anywhere you might live.

Pipes: Discrete and Easy

Pipes are probably the most common method of smoking on the go these days. Spoon pipes and stoners go together like peanut butter and jelly.

They can be remarkably discrete if you purchase something small, the smell doesn’t linger on your hands, and you don’t need water like you would with a bong.

It’s also relatively easy to put a pipe out if the bud contained within it remains cherried once you remove the lighter.

How smooth the hit is will depend largely on the pipe you’re using. Small, cheap pipes are great but have a tendency to overheat and the short distance produces a relatively harsh hit once you let go of the carb and clear it.

Larger pipes can run quite cool but lose a lot of discretion due to their size.

They’re available in tons of different materials as well. Most smokers have a favorite pipe or two bouncing around in their smoking tool collection, even if they primarily use a bong.

Convenience is the biggest factor for most people.

No rolling involved, no need to hunt down water. Just load up the herb and get straight to the point before sticking it back in your pocket.

The Cadillac of Smoking

Bongs provide, without a doubt, the smoothest hit of the commonly used smoking tools.

The problem is that bongs are often large and require you to put water in them. Even a relatively small bong is going to be at least six inches long and an inch around.

Bubblers bypass this somewhat but still require you to place water in them to be used properly, otherwise the large chamber will fill up with a ton of harsh smoke.

The filtration provided by a bong is a big reason that many people use them although reports show that the contents of smoke are around the same as non-filtered smoke.

On the other hand, passing the smoke through water also lowers the temperature, resulting in a smooth, large hit with very little waste produced. If you’re a fan of holding hits in to stretch out your supply then they’re the best way to go.

Most smokers have a bong somewhere around their home, even if they primarily use pipes or papers. Despite their reputation for being expensive, many people have found that cheap bongs work just as well in the long run.

They’re simple to use and if you don’t have to worry about discretion and logistics they’ll also stretch your supply farther than any other method.

So, Which is Right for Me?

Most herb users will end up with papers, a pipe, and a bong sooner or later. If you don’t have anything to smoke with yet, you just need to ask yourself a simple question: do you plan on smoking only at home?

If you are only going to be smoking while home or in designated, private spaces a bong is a way to go. Your herb will last longer, you’ll cough less, and a good bong is a joy to hit.

On the other hand, if you’re a social smoker and like to be on the go while enjoying your buds then a pipe is a great first purchase. They’re convenient and discrete which makes them perfect for those situations where you want a toke on the go.

Pre-rolls are more of a situational matter. If you’re headed to a concert or another venue then rolling a couple isn’t a bad idea at all. The lack of efficiency makes them a bit harder to recommend for those smoking at home, however.

Pipe vs. Papers… We’ve Got You Covered

Stoners love to debate the various merits of pipe vs. papers but the truth is you’ll be in good hands with any of them. Your personal situation will determine which is best for you in the end.

If you’re looking for high-quality smoking tools at a great price then you’re in the right place.

Check out our shop and get the tools to enjoy your herb the way you want!

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