Best Features

Featuring a revolutionary design and user interface built specifically for comfort and speed, the Wakit Grinder is packed with features.

Tap the Cap!

Place your hand on the Wakit Cap and tap down for a complete second, then release. You'll want to see what happens next.

Durable Drone Motor

The Wakit cap activates a drone motor housed inside the unit, but It's what is connected to the motor that makes the magic.

Beaded Chain Technology

A single beaded chain is connected to a touch-activated drone motor. The chain makes continuous revolutions whacking your herb into perfection.

It's Rechargeable.

Powered by a lithium battery the Wakit Grinder comes with a standard USB charging cable.

LED Indicator Light

The LED indicator light will let you know when your Wakit Grinder is fully charged.

Optional Catch Tray

The Original Tree Goddess Wakit Grinder comes with its own black catch tray not included in the Wakit KLR series.