About Us



In 2018 G&E Innovations Inc was founded by Gustavo Reyes and Co–Founder Esther Delgado who set out to solve an age old problem which the grinder industry had overlooked: The handling and processing of herbs when it comes to grinding herbs and buds for consumption which affects both medicinal and recreational herb users alike.  Tearing up herbs with your fingers and placing them into a mill type grinder destroys some of the medicinal properties as the herb gets crushed and stuck in the metal teeth of the grinder crushing it while grinding unevenly. This creates a mess and it’s a waste of consumer’s hard earned money, as herbs are delicate and can be expensive, so why are we destroying our herbs?

As an herb connoisseur Gustavo had a vision for a device that could grind herbs in a shorter amount of time than any other grinder in the market; while providing a perfect consistency and texture in every grind.  We are proud to announce the launch of our first product, Wakit Grinders, The World's First Electric Herb Grinder That Actually works! Wakit Grinder is a rechargeable electric grinder that is already assembled, ready for use. Patented technology provides ease of use, speed, and versatility as it trims and grinds the flower or herb while preserving the delicate medicinal properties. While Wakit trims, it leaves behind thick stems which do not contain beneficial properties and ruin smoking experience.

Wakit Grinders is easy to use for both medical and recreational users. On a flat surface simply place the grinder on top of 2g-3g of flower and press the pressure cap for approximately 5 seconds for a perfect grind without destroying the delicate crystals or wasting kief. The result is a perfect texture and consistency every time without fuss or mess!

Wakit Grinders provides a superior “grinding” experience, no matter how sticky the herb is giving smokers a smooth draw when smoking or vaping; without destroying your precious herbs.

Wakit Technology makes it easier for people with dexterity challenges or health conditions that affect hand coordination to get their herbs ready in a matter of seconds. It eliminates the stress and frustration users normally encounter with hand-held grinders. Wakit will grind your dry herbs to the perfect desired consistency, keeping thick stems intact for easy removal: providing the cleanest herbal blend for an outstanding experience.

G&E Innovations strives to bring a superior product to a diverse community of people from all walks of life. Wether you enjoy cooking, smoking, or vaping your herbs, G&E Innovations has the solution for you, and we have priced Wakit so it does not break your wallet either! 

We invite you to try Wakit Grinders a revolutionary new product built to last.  We know that you will love your Wakit Grinder so for your peace of mind we include a one-year warranty when you register the product within 14-days of purchase from an authorized retailer or our website.  To register your product simply visit www.wakitgrinders.com and click the Product Registration link at the bottom of the page, then just submit the completed Product Registration form.