What is the warranty on Wakit Grinders?

One-year warranty is provided to customers who register their Wakit Grinder within 14-days of purchase by completing the Product Registration on our website www.wakitgrinders.com

Why is Wakit Grinders better than the traditional grinder I have been using?

    • Wakit Grinders does not crush or smash your herb like traditional grinders or blenders, it preserves more of your expensive herb and medicinal properties saving you money.

    • Wakit trims the herb leaving thick stems intact, so you can pick and toss. Your herb is expensive, why grind the thick stems which are like wood chips and ruin the quality and taste of your herb?

    • Wakit Grinders gives you a superior grinding experience every time so that you are ready to relax & enjoy in seconds!

    • Wakit Grinder is easy to use for medical & rec users! SImply place Wakit over herb, the size of a nickel, and using a quick short tap or two will produce a coarse texture.  Like it finer?  Just add another quick-short tap. Before lifting Wakit Grinder allow a second for momentum to stop.   Wakit Grinders is perfect for people with conditions affecting dexterity and since you are in control of your grind, Wakit provides you with a superior texture and consistency every time for an enjoyable smoking or vaping experience.

Why does the motor stop sometimes while grinding?

If you place herb larger than the recommended size, the built-in safety mechanism will sense the resistance causing it to shut down the motor for 3-5 seconds.  The motor will automatically reset again.  This is a safety feature that is activated if it senses too much resistance in case an object other than herb is placed in the chamber.*  

We recommend you do not use herb larger than the size of a nickel, as the ball and chain mechanism needs space to spin.  If you have a large quantity of herb to grind, simply line it up in nickel-size pile and wakit down the line!

WARNING - Keep fingers and all body parts out of the ball & chain herb chamber.

What if herbs get stuck in the herb chamber or the chain?

Simply remove the herbs from the chamber, do not press down on the pressure cap while removing herbs from the herb chamber, it may result in injury.

Do I have to use the bottom cover lid?

If you need to grind more herb than the amount that fits in the bottom cover lid, you can use a rolling tray, or a flat surface,.  Just remember to release the pressure cap and wait a few seconds for the grinder to stop before lifting the unit off the surface.

How long does the battery last?

During testing, we found that a full charge will grind approximately 240 grams; depending on the stickiness of the herb.

How long does it take for Wakit to charge?

Forty Five Minutes will give Wakit a full charge, connect the Micro-USB to Wakit’s charging port and to a charging source.   Then Wait until the red light indicator turns green. Light indicator is located on the chassis of the grinder.

Can I put Wakit Grinders in the dishwasher?

Wakit is not dishwasher safe, a simple damp cloth will clean the herb chamber for the life of the product.