How It Works

Meet Wakit Grinders

Wakit Grinders provides a superior “grinding” experience, no matter how sticky the herb is giving smokers a smooth draw when smoking or vaping; without destroying your precious herbs.

Wakit Technology makes it easier for people with dexterity challenges or health conditions that affect hand coordination to get their herbs ready in a matter of seconds. It eliminates the stress and frustration users normally encounter with hand-held grinders. Wakit will grind your dry herbs to the perfect desired consistency, keeping thick stems intact for easy removal and providing the cleanest herbal blend for an outstanding experience.

How To Use

Wakit Grinders is easy to use for both medical and recreational users.

  • place 2g-3g of your favorite herb on the catch tray,
  • place Wakit Grinder on top of the herb and press down on the pressure cap for approximately 5 seconds. 
  • release pressure cap and lift to find a perfect grind without destroying the delicate crystals or wasting kief. The result is a perfect texture and consistency every time without fuss or mess! 

How To Clean

When cleaning, DO NOT hold by Pressure Cap.  With one hand hold housing with one hand while using a damp cloth with the other hand to gently clean Herb Chamber.


How To Charge

Connect Micro USB Cable (included) to USB Port for 45 minutes. To charge you may use a computer USB port/USB AC Power Adapter  (neither included). Light will turn from red to green with full charge.