How the Wakit Grinder Works

Wakit’s patented ball & chain technology, is a revolutionary way of grinding herb while preserving more of your expensive herb and its medicinal properties without waste of herb or kief.  Its ball & chain activates by simply tapping down on the pressure cap. Users will tap down once or a few times depending on how coarse or fine the consumer likes their grind. Unlike other grinders, Wakit provides a superior grind no matter if the herb is sticky, moist, dry, or has thick stems.  Wakit Grinder gives users more control over the process, with a perfect grind every time in under 5 seconds (1/10th the time of the next best alternative)!

How to Use

Wakit Grinder is easy to use for both medical & recreational users and there is no assembly needed! Simply place Wakit over 1g of herb and tap the pressure cap down once or twice, as soon as the grinder stops, lift and experience the perfect grind every time without waste.  Like a finer grind?  Tap once again!

How To Clean

Wakit Grinders is NOT dishwasher safe! A simple damp cloth will clean the herb chamber for the life of the product. When cleaning Wakit Grinders DO NOT hold by Pressure Cap. With one hand hold housing while using a damp cloth with the other hand to gently clean Herb Chamber.

How To Charge

Connect Micro USB Cable (included) to USB Port for 45 minutes. To charge you may use a computer USB port/USB AC Power Adapter (neither included). Light will turn from red to green with full charge.