Why You Should Use an Herb Grinder

Most of us grind to pay for our herb. But what if it’s the herb itself we should be grinding?

There are different ways that users can break down herbs. And while there’s no “wrong” way to do it, using a herb grinder is a way to take your stoner game to the next level.

Are you asking yourself, “why do I use a grinder for herb?” Keep reading to discover the answer!

Why Have I Never Heard of the Herb Grinder?

We’ve put together an awesome guide for why you should be using a grinder on your herb. However, you may be asking a really simple question: why have you never heard of a herb grinder before?

The answer is that it isn’t as flashy as other herb paraphernalia. Everybody can appreciate something like a good bong, but this is more like “behind the scenes” gear.

However, it’s one of our favorite pieces of herb tech because it takes something you need to do anyway and makes it a lot easier. We are, of course, talking about herb preparation.

All About the Prep

Like we said before, everybody has a different way they like to get high. However, each method has something in common: you need to do some prep work.

No matter the herb type, you’re going to want to cut it up. This is true even if all you are doing is rolling or using a device.

Typically, you’d have to do this with scissors or even with your fingers. The end result is a sticky mess that probably took you way too long.

By contrast, a herb grinder makes the prep work nice and easy. That means you can get back to enjoying the important part: getting high!

Great for Edibles

Sure, hemp is fun, but not everyone likes to light up. That’s what makes edibles so great: a smoke-free high that you can enjoy on the go.

In fact, the only annoying thing about edibles is that you have to be careful while preparing them. But using a grinder for herb helps make that process nice and easy.

The grinding process helps expose the maximum amount of hemp, meaning that you get the most from your strain. This increases the efficiency of the edible, giving you a stronger and more potent high.

Vape It Up

For better or for worse, most of the younger generation considers cigarettes as a thing of the past. Instead, the new cool is all about rocking a vape wherever you go.

It turns out that a grinder is great for dry herb vapes in the same way that it is for rolling a traditional rolling, or making edibles as we mentioned. Once again, you are getting a more efficient and consistent high that will make each dose to your specific needs.

And as we detail below, this method can also save a lot of time. That is ideal for a busy person who needs to prep everything very quickly.

Saving Time

We’ve beaten around the bush, but let’s be very clear: the main benefit of a herb grinder is that it saves you time.

Imagine that you were a huge coffee fan. When it came to your coffee beans, would you want to use scissors and fingers to grind everything down? Of course not: you’d use a grinder so you could start drinking your coffee that much more quickly.

That’s exactly how a herb grinder works for stoners. Sure, you can get by without one. But at the end of the day, you’re wasting a lot of time that you didn’t have to waste.

A Cleaner High

Sometimes, we jokingly call our favorite marijuana “the sticky icky.” But the truth is that sticky fingers are one of the worst parts of getting high.

Unfortunately, sticky fingers are what happens when you are using scissors and fingers to break apart your marijuana. Then you have to worry about what you just rolled getting all sticky and nasty.

On top of that, scissors and hands don’t break everything up very evenly. Even after all that work, you might get a lumpy mess that isn’t suitable.

Meanwhile, the grinder is waiting to save you time and keep those digits nice and clean.

Lots of Options

Sure, a herb grinder may not be as well known as accessories like a bong. But it shares something in common with the bong: you have lots of different options!

There are grinders with multiple parts and chambers. This lets you choose from something that is easy and economical all the way to something that is rich and complex.

One of our favorite options is the grinder that has a special chamber to catch excess as you grind. As you know, this is the real “good stuff” that can make every edible more memorable.

And without a good grinder, you might have missed out on this special high!

Are There Any Downsides?

Obviously, we’ve been focusing on the many benefits of using a grinder. This leaves a good question: are there any downsides to using a grinder?

It turns out the only real downside to using a grinder is that it’s very damn good at its job. And this can catch a lot of stoners by surprise when they first start using it.

For example, the grinder helps you pack a lot more of the herb material into the recipe. This means that you might end up going through your supply more quickly than you are used to.

However, every hit, vape, or bite is going to be more potent than what you are used to. And that’s what we like to call “value added!”

The Bottom Line

Now you know why you should be using a herb grinder. But do you know where you can order the best one without having to leave the couch?

Here at Wakit, we take the grinding game to a whole new level. To unlock a bigger and better high than ever, come check out our electric herb grinder today!

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